Artist, Designer, and Creator. I'm not crazy, I just created my reality differently from everybody else.

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@NICKIMINAJ #Anaconda #graphic #MTVHottest
Q: where do u get ur backgrounds from ?

For my edits? The usually consists of a bunch of different images I find on devianart and google images and I just blend them together.

asked by Anonymous
Q: Please tell me what program you use for your edits? They're incredible!

Why thank you lol. And I use Photoshop for everything I design.

asked by Anonymous
@NICKIMINAJ x Onika Fragrance
Q: Hey do you mind following me?


asked by thekawaiiteam
Q: Your edits are PERFECTION !!!!!! *bowing down*

Lol Thank You!!

asked by onikasinner
Q: I really love your work! My favorite P&P cover made by anyone is yours with the butterflies, I love the color and focus/blur that you used. Out of curiosity (not shade), has Nicki seen any of your work? If not, she definitely should, because she NEEDS to hire you (Most of your covers were 1053493857898389787 times better than the official ones) keep up the good work!

Awww thank you so much that means a lot to me. And I have no idea I always mention her and tag her in them. But I doubt she has seen my work Im still hoping one day she will though. And thank you again lol

asked by sanjay-artwork
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